1st GA Mymommashop

1st GA Mymommashop already been closed. Syukur and many thanks for those who had joined this 1st GA by Mymommashop. InsyaAllah the winner will be announce soon. So stay tune korang :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Weekend Sale Special! (18/5 to 20/5)

Weekend SALE Special
(18th May 2012 to 20th May 2012)

Hi everyone, The SALE is ON now!

1.Philips Avent Breastpump On The Go Set

Ready Stock
First Come First Serve Basis
Hurry guys!


Retail Price : RM310
Our Price : 255 only!

2.Philips Avent Microwave Strelizer

Limited and Ready Stock!


Retail Price : RM 209
Our Price : RM125 only!

For quick reply, please sms / call at 012 9180841 or email mymommashop@gmail.com

Happy Shopping All!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hadiah for 1st GA Mymommashop =) Tahniah!

Hi semua =)

Mesti ternanti2 hadiah yang saya janji nak announce kan?
Really sorry tak dapat nak announce pada masa yang saya janjikan, ada hal yang tak dapat dielakkan..busy memanjang.

Before I proceed, i'm glad to share to inform that winner yang telah di select adalah selection secara random oleh my hubby..I memang tak involve langsung dalam sesi pilih memilih ni. Untuk avoid tak fair kan! Tahniah buat winner 1st GA by mommashop. Kepada yang tidak menang, don't worry ya, Mymommashop akan adakan bannnyak lagi contest or GA yang macam ni lagi in future, teruskan support Mymommashop..InsyaAllah =)

For those yang dah menang tuh, dan masih belum contact saya dan berikan details anda, silalah berbuat demikian segera ya untuk tujuan delivery :)

So, the prizes are :

1st Prize :
Big Boss 200 Watt Power 2-Speed Operation Immersian Hand-Stick Blender/Mixer with a Mix/Measuring Cup

2nd Prize :
Thermos + Threadless Lunch Cooler

3rd Prize :
Built NY Muncler Lunch Bag

Ok, dah selesai :). Harap semua satisfied ya! Jangan frust ya jika tidak terpilih. Insyaallah Mymommashop akan buat lagi next time. Thanks for your support ya..really appreaciate it =)

Happy Shopping =)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pemenang 1st GA Mymommashop =) Congrat!


Firtsly, saya ingin memohon maaf atas kelewatan saya mengumumkan pemenang untuk 1st GA Mymommashop. Semuanya sebab saya agak sibuk.

Memang dari awal, saya berhajat supaya hubby atau my princess yang cabut nama pemenang. Fair and square kan!

So, semalam saya mintak hubby cabut nama pemenang. My princess dah penat tidur :)

I cadangakan supaya dia guna system generator number macam yang ramai guna kan1 Tapi dia takmau. Katanya, dia ada style dia sendiri nak pilih pemenang. He's doing his own secret formula to choose..sebab nak fair kan.. =). Lagipun the participants list hubby pun tak kenal..

Cara en hubby adalah, dia suruh I listkan semua peserta tuh. Lepas tuh, dia kira2 sendiri and dia sebut je 6 numbers yang lucky. From 6, dia cut down to 3, and then dia yang decide which no is no 1, number2 and 3 =)

Top 6 List:







Top 3 List :




So, The Very Lucky Readers are :
Pemenang Pertama :


Pemenang Kedua : http://duniakebahagiaanku.blogspot.com/2012/03/jom-join-1st-ga-mymommashop.html

Pemenang Ketiga : http://faralalalala.blogspot.com/2012/03/jom-join-1st-ga-mymommashop.html

So, Tahniah kepada para pemenang! 

Sila emelkan kepada mymommashop@gmail.com details: 

 Nama Penuh : 

 No Telefon HP : 

 Alamat : 

 Hadiahnya akan diumumkan esok! =)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Autumnz - RUBY Padded Nursing/Maternity Bra *Maroon*

Pre-Order Until 6th May 2012

ETA : 1 week after closed date

Price : RM 32.90

Product Description:
Like most of our nursing bras, Ruby is another style you must not miss.

Blissful to wear, this bra comes with beautiful black lace detailing around the top of the cups and black straps.

Featuring one-hand release clips for easy nursing and full drop cup for skin-to-skin contact between mummy and baby, it promises you great comfort and style. It comes with 3 position backs and easily adjustable strap for excellent fit and comfort.

It is made of rich luxurious cotton with a touch of spandex for the added benefit of stretch.

For better support and lift, all sizes come with 3 rows of hooks and eyes.

Size: 34A, 34B, 34C, 34D, 36B, 36C, 36D, 38B, 38C, 38D

Autumnz - GLORY T-Shirt Nursing Bra (Underwired)*Pink*

Autumnz - GLORY T-Shirt Nursing Bra (Underwired) *Pink

Pre-Order Until 6th May 2012

ETA: 1 week after close date.

All sizes come with 3 rows of hooks and eyes at the back - an added advantage for that extra bit of support and lift.

Sizes: 34B, 34C, 34D, 36B, 36C, 36D, 38B, 38C, 38D

Price : RM31.90

Product Description:

This underwired maternity/nursing bra is specially designed for a sensuous and smooth fit. Because it is seamless, it is especially flattering under tight-fitting tops, T-Shirts and dresses.

This bra features microfibre fabric and soft, breathable and non-crushable cups that ensure an amazing fit and maximum comfort.

It has one hand release clips for easy nursing. Also comes with full drop cup to encourage maximum skin-to-skin contact between mummy and baby.

All sizes come with 3 rows of hooks and eyes at the back - an added advantage for that extra bit of support and lift!

Available in PINK colour.