1st GA Mymommashop

1st GA Mymommashop already been closed. Syukur and many thanks for those who had joined this 1st GA by Mymommashop. InsyaAllah the winner will be announce soon. So stay tune korang :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Avent Manual Isis Breastpump

In Stock / Pre Order

Product Description:

The Philips AVENT BPA-Free Manual Breast Pump provides a comfortable and efficient way to continue giving your baby all the benefits of breast milk. Using a massage cushion that mimics suckling, and a gentle-draw vacuum that encourages steady milk flow, this manual pump allows you to collect milk quickly, without noisy motor sounds. And because the Manual Breast Pump gives you total control over your pumping speed and rhythm, it always feels natural and exactly right for you.

What Includes:

Philips Manual Breast Pump, bottle stand/funnel cover, 4-ounce breast-milk container, newborn flow nipple, nipple travel pack, sealing disc, and instruction guide.

BPA FREE Product

Price : RM180RM170

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