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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Medela - Breastmilk Storage Bottle 150ml (3pcs) *BPA FREE*

In Stock / Pre-Order

Product Description :

-Pack of 3 Bisphenol-A free bottles to store expressed breast milk.

-It can be used with all Medela breastpumps.

-Expressed breastmilk can be stored in these bottles in the fridge or in the freezer and can be used direct from the bottle when thawed.

-The breastmilk storage bottles have side marking showing quantity of contents up to 5oz or 150ml.

-Breastfeeding mothers can express breastmilk straight into the bottle meaning less fuss and waste.

-These bottles are made from polypropylene

-Safe and do not contain Phthalates, latex or Bisphenol-A, making them safe to store expressed breastmilk.

Price : RM65.00 Sold Out

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