1st GA Mymommashop

1st GA Mymommashop already been closed. Syukur and many thanks for those who had joined this 1st GA by Mymommashop. InsyaAllah the winner will be announce soon. So stay tune korang :)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Medela Freestyle

In Stock / Pre Order

This is an Electric & Battery Operated Breastpump

-Double Pumping
-Handsfree function, can pump anywhere
-Featuring the original 2-Phase Expression® technology
-BPA FREE Product

Product Description :

Efficient: simultaneous expression in combination with the 2-Phase Expression Technology increases the amount of milk.

Innovative: small, lightweight and quiet, to make daily expression as comfortable and natural as possible.

Comfortable: individually adjustable vacuum settings, as well as memory function offers the highest degree of comfort.
Complete control: a display shows all the relevant information.

Support of milk supply: double pumping can help to increase and sustain milk supply.

What's in the Box

Freestyle breast pump, one set of tubing, two SoftFit breast shields, breast shield spare parts kit, support belt and extension, two replacement adapters (two small yellow straps; two large gray straps), four replacement bra adapters (two for hook and eye and two universal), four five-ounce containers, power cord and charger, cooling element, four solid lids, one rechargeable battery and one tote bag.

PRICE *Installment Accepted*
RM1550 RM1500 - UK Warranty
RM1650 RM1600 - 1 Year Warranty

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Medela Swing Breastpump


Product Description

Swing is Medela's smallest, lightest single electric pump. Experience 2-Phase Expression® technology in a portable, single electric pump.

Features :
-2-Phase Expression technology'
-Tabletop, belt clip and neck/shoulder strap
-24 mm PersonalFit™ breastshield.
-Drawstring bag
-All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA-free

-More milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum™ in the expression phase.
-For mobile pumping options by using batteries
-For comfortable, efficient pumping.
-Keep everything clean and in one place between pump sessions.
-Safe for you and your baby

What Includes :

Two each of collection containers and lids, one container stand, one valve, three membranes, one SoftFit breast shield, a carrying bag, Breastfeeding Information Guide, tubing, AC adapter, battery power option, neck/shoulder strap and Instruction Manual.

Price : *Installment Accepted*
RM 600 RM 570 - UK Warranty
RM 650 RM 620 - 1 Year Warranty